Noelle Miller is an abstract painter living and working in Colorado. After graduating from Colorado State University with a BFA in fine arts, she moved to Asheville to try and focus on her artistic practice and integrate with the arts community in her new city. Her work stems from an interest in emotion and the general manifestation of energy within everyday life. Recently, her works have been focusing very specifically on the idea of memory and feelings of nostalgia. She is consistently drawn to moments in life considered to be “mundane” or “in between” moments. These quiet and often private moments are always what she remembers most from different periods of her life.

By recreating these memories through abstract painting, she is attempting to focus her attention on being present. Large swatches of color build a platform for the telling of these stories. Delicate lines, textures and clouds of color create a language of what is remembered in contrast with where moments of these memories lapse. Noelle has always been drawn to acrylic paint because of its quick drying properties. This lightfast quality requires immediate response to how the paint is reacting with different mediums being incorporated, which in turn keeps her mind extremely focused on the moment.


Noelle has been showing her work in shows and galleries since she graduated in 2013. She had her first solo show at the Asheville Area Arts Council in 2017 titled, Appalachian Magic. In 2017 she also won Wicked Weed Brewing’s Festival of Artistry, and went on to create two labels with the company throughout the next year. She has been selling her works through Trackside Studios in the River Arts District since 2016, where her works have found homes all across the United States, as well as in Australia, the United Kingdom and Denmark.