Noelle Miller is an abstract painter living and working in Asheville, North Carolina. Noelle grew up in Colorado, living and breathing the outdoors with her friends and family. During college, she moved quickly and often, experiencing life in the Pacific Northwest, the mountains of Colorado and the heart of Italy. After graduating from Colorado State University with a BFA in drawing and a minor in Italian language, she moved to Asheville to experience life in a different type of wilderness. Her love for traveling and nature began to consume her mind and they became topics she was fixated on studying through her artistic practice.

Noelle does not attempt to depict these topics in a literal sense but instead documents the energies she feels they represent through expressive mark making and large swatches of color.  Her swirling lines take your eye on a journey through the work, while an array of textures creates landmarks to stop and daydream with. In this sense, Noelle's art serves as a translation from visual observation to emotional understanding. Whether she is investigating human emotion or documenting a place, she attempts to translate feeling into an abstract work that she hopes represents the overall energy of an experience.

Noelle’s works are currently being sold at Trackside Studios in Asheville, NC and will soon be available through the Asheville Gallery of Art.